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“If you are able and have the ability you also carry the responsibility to contribute and to save wild nature”

Anders Holch Povlsen

The Scottish High Lands

Nature comes first. The WildLand natural conservation project in the High Lands is a significant part of Cairngorms Connect, – One of Europe’s largest nature restoration projects of an endangered landscape.

Furthermore we believe that stunning landscapes with natural wildlife habitats is as good for business as traditional sporting tourism. In the long term the environment and the economy are the same. If its un-environmental; it’s un-economical.

We therefore offer a number of high quality properties, which have opened up a completely new category of High Land stays for the modern international traveler.

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The Carpathians

For Romania, Scotland exists as a warning of what will happen if logging continues across countless miles of hillside and how something still wondrous could easily soon become a desert.

Alongside Wildland’s own holdings in Romania, we are also supporting the Foundation Conservation Carpathia project (FCC) which seeks to create a new National Park in Europe – from the Ukrainian border in the North, right down to the Danube – that can be a rival in scale, scope and beauty to the Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks in the United States.

It’s not just in Europe though. In Africa too – in Tanzania and Rwanda – Wildland has acquired significant estates where it believes the same philosophies can apply and where land, the wildlife that lives upon it and the communities that exist alongside can thrive in harmony. …a harmony which is absent when only modern pressures and money are allowed to drive the dynamics of a place.

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