• Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC)
    The Foundation Conservation Carpathia is a non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit organisation under Romanian law. The primary and fundamental aim of the Foundation is to create a new National Park in the Southern Carpathians of Romania by using private, corporate and public finance.
  • Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) The Frankfurt Zoological Society was established in 1858 and is an international conservation organisation based in Frankfurt/Main. Its work is committed to conserving biological diversity, and it is at the moment involved in 70 conservation projects in 30 countries. Its main focus is Eastern Africa, but the society has recently increased its focus on safeguarding the last wild nature in Europe.
  • Rainforest Concern (RC) This is a trust with the principal goal to preserve tropical rainforest and other threatened natural habitats including the indigenous people living there. Rainforest Concern has been looking for a European Wilderness project for many years and actively supports the Carpathian project. It raises funds to purchase forest for FCC.
  • The European Nature Trust (TENT) A trust with the exclusive goal to protect and restore the last remaining European wilderness. It has allocated money for the production of a fundraising book about the project and, after a successful launch in late May 2010, currently fundraises through their network of individuals and through special fundraising events. TENT has allocated further funds in late 2011 for FCC to get involved in the administration of the Fagaras Natura 2000 site.
  • Wild Europe (WE) An initiative promoting coordinated strategy for protection and restoration of wilderness and wild areas across Europe. It supports our case especially through their network at the EU Commission.