— The Right Time To Be Naked?

I also write articles for the blog of Karen Ruimy who is a singer, a dancer, philanthropist and Trustee (along with our very own Marc Carter of The English Group) of the gender equality charity GREAT – and as The English Group do love our magazine covers, I thought this a relevant post (first compiled for Karen’s blog) which may also offer a different perspective on these particular designs.


The October 2012 editions of UK GQ features a selection of covers celebrating the individuals who have won the 2012 GQ Man Of The Year awards. Lana Del Rey wins GQ’s Woman of the Year and sits naked on the cover of the magazine. Men such as Robbie Williams, John Slattery, Tinie Tempah and James Corden stand suited and booted up to the neck in smart suits. I appreciate good photography, beautiful people and fashion when the situation is relevant. However, when we are praising a group of people of both genders, why is it that the women are often represented in as little clothing as possible?

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