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I’ve just come across this article about an attempt to put some “value” back into the typically digital world of photography.


…and the ubiquitous high street photobooth in particular.Michael Shindler has set up Photobooth – a studio, shop, and gallery space in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district. In the studio, Shindler captures his subjects image directly on a tintype or stainless ferrotype plate and exposes them in the adjoining darkroom using a mix of chemical solutions.


Because there’s no negative, the image on the plate is the only record of the moment captured with each subject, creating a unique and intimate image which turns the simple portrait into much more


Inspired by the work of the 19th-century photographer Carleton Watkins and fueled by a passion for the hands-on process of developing, Shindler spent several years honing his technique in the darkroom before Photobooth finally opened. Walk-ins are now highly encouraged and prices range from $50 – $80 (£32 – £50) per photograph.


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