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The Whaletone is a bespoke musical instrument, designed by Robert Majkut. A unique combination of original design and advanced technology, it caters for the taste of both design lovers, and professional musicians and I love every inch of it!

Whaletone is a unique combination of an original design and advanced technology. Two-colour, black and white case of the classic model, resembling a whale which breaks the waves, visibly arching its body. Elegant, with its soft lines and monumental form, yet dynamic through its shape. Lines seem to be caught up in a movement, like a significant gesture cutting through the air. The silver shine of its metallic edges defines the structure with three contour lines. Electrically controlled lid hovers majestically after pushing the button. The shining lacquer highlights the surfaces, emphasizing their softness and dynamism. The velvet interior hides the sound of great precision and perceptible timbres.


The heart of the instrument is one of the greatest stage pianos, with a SuperNATURAL Piano technology, ensuring the highest quality of the classic grand piano sound, enriched with the elements crucial for professional musicians. It is equipped with a comfortable keyboard, perfectly transmitting the dynamism of sounds, and an Ivory Feel surface, closely imitating the real ivory and ebony black keys. The sound is strengthened with four-channel amplifier and is emitted from the loudspeakers, creating a precise, dynamic sound scene.


The beautiful, modern shape is not the only virtue of Whaletone. This fully professional stage instrument is able to respond to many music challenges. That is why it is perfect for connoisseurs who look for objects combining many aspects in one exquisite frame.


Capable of intimate acts, it will penetrate a small space with sound. But when plugged in the discreetly placed sockets, it can saturate the greatest stadium with music. This phenomenal object, owing to the philosophy of creation and technological possibilities, is able to adjust to its owner not only visually but also musically. It offers a wide spectrum of possibilities, going beyond imagination. Whaletone exceeds all similar musical instruments. Compromise is an unknown word in the world of Whaletone.


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